Joining a Touch League is Better Than a Gym Membership

It’s great to be a gym owner in January. New Year’s resolutions and Christmas kilos send everyone scrambling for a membership. But maybe you should skip the gym membership and join a Touch club. It’s better than the gym.

Ok… it’s a bold claim and we’re obviously biased. But here are 7 reasons why we think joining a Touch rugby league is better than a gym membership:

1. Work Both Body and Mind

It’s one thing to stand on a treadmill for an hour. Or to do a bunch of reps on the weight machine. That’s all well and good for physical fitness, but mental fitness is just as important.

Touch gets your brain going as much as your body. Formations and peripheral awareness. Hand-eye coordination. Strategies and tactics. All of that without having to learn a massive rulebook. It’s an easy sport to pick up – it’s as easy as kids play – which may explain why it’s wildly popular in schools!

2. It's a Better Workout

Look, picking up a game of Touch each week isn’t going to completely replace the gym. We know that. But a 30-minute game of Touch is an effective HIIT exercise. You work every muscle group with big bursts of energy.

But it’s not as strenuous as it sounds – the social division is more about having a good time and a run around. Find a squad that plays at your pace and the rest is just a bonus.

3. Commitment Without the Effort

Adulting is hard. Forcing yourself to go to the gym requires commitment. We’re not saying you’ll fail – but statistically speaking…

With a weekly touch league, you know you have a set night for sport. And you have a team you’ll let down if you don’t show up. It changes the equation and the mental math. You don’t need the motivation or dedication anymore. You just do it.

And you don’t even have to remember which day is leg day!

4. Team Mates = Real Mates

Touch is a social game and the Super 6s has a social division this time for those just after some weekly fun (shameless plug!)

All those endorphins rushing around inside on the pitch, from those little triumphs and comedy cock-ups in the play, become post-game stories off the pitch and over your brew or beverage of choice.

And knowing some of our teams, that beverage of choice is “a lot.”

5. Fit to your Work Schedule

Working in Dubai is demanding. Fitting in fitness is hard. But we start at 7:30 in the middle of the city, so it’s an easy bit of fun and workout to fit around your work schedule.

6. Membership of a Different Kind

Lose weight, gain pounds? Well, OK, not pounds, so much as Dirhams. We’re launching a membership card scheme this league to get more deals and discounts for all fully-paid up players in the league, no matter what club you’re in.  So that’s money saved for more good times out.

7. Money and Time Better Spent

Looking at all the above, you do the math. Or Maths, depending on where you went to school. A+ grades for fun, satisfaction and ‘stickiness’ i.e. how likely you are to stick at your goal.

The Final Touch

All it requires is a touch of getting out of your comfort zone for 5 minutes to come and have a go. There are many clubs participating in the Dubai Wednesday Night League, such as the Untouchables, Dubai Exiles, Warriors and BroTown – all generous clubs that you can reach out directly and see if you can join their squad.

When was the last time a treadmill patted you on the back and said they’d look forward to seeing you next week?

See you on the pitch!

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