May 25th, 2021

They say that a week is a long time, in sport a week can feel like a lifetime and this was one of them! After the euphoria of teams in Men’s & Mixed qualifying for the Cup & Plate competition, eyes were fixed on the next 4 weeks and working towards finals. Due to new guidelines, instead of reaching for the training book and looking for new moves, teams were concentrated on who was eligible to play.

Tuesday night was much more then results, it was a unified show from the Dubai Touch Community that ‘The Show Must Go On’ and indeed it did.  The spirit around all 4 pitches was amazing, yes there were some new faces, there had been plenty of recruitment happening but was was clear to see was the enjoyment, families (as many as 3 in one spot – Mum, Dad & Son) all on the pitch at the same time.  The results on the night while they mattered for everyone it was the case that all games were played, tries were scored and fun was had.

Diving into the action we saw 113 tries scored on the night, we tapped off with the Mixed division with holders BroTown Whai taking the early advantage with a 15-1 victory over Warriors Tribe, BMW edged past Everytime We Touch 12-7.  Over in the plate The Untouchables take early advantage with a 12-6 win over Mustag Sallies and AGMC are hot on their heels with a 5-2 win over Warriors Clan.

The Men’s cup saw Brotown Patu take early advantage with a 9-2 victory over FFP White while the experience of The Falcons saw them maintain their 100% record so far with a 4-0 win over FFP Blue.  In the Plate early advantage goes to The UntouchaBulls with a 10-0 win over the Warriors Masters while The Wolves got off the mark in a close 8-3 game against The Exiles.

In the Ladies league BroTown Kahu seem unstoppable with a 3-1 win over FFP Blue meanwhile an end to end game saw FFP White get past a very spirited UntouchaBelles 8-5. 


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